Siemens Sanat
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The most constant focus throughout David's work is the human condition. Sometimes representing a particular person or action, other times mapping entire environments and systems. Using very basic materials and techniques to achieve an often naive representation. The works lend themselves to each other, creating an abstract narrative, each piece acting as a cell in a greater, ongoing story board, taken from David's observations, experiences and imagination.

David works as a freelance artist making a continual body of drawings, paintings, objects and books. His work has been applied to a variety of contexts, including illustration, graphic design and theatre set design. David describes his work as:

"somewhere between the representation of a thing, and the thing itself.I am interesed in double meanings and contradictions. I enjoy the human touch and all the mistakes that come with it. I often work directly onto objects i find, therefore i am not always in full control of what i make, this is very important to me, and i see this as a dialogue between myself and the ever changing environment around me. My work changes day-to-day and is influenced by a multitude of things. expressing ideas and the environments and conditions inwhich the ideas exist."


  • 2002 Neil's Yard Bakery- Covent Garden, London (solo)
  • 2003 Abbey Arts Centre, summer show, (group)
  • 2004 "Table" show of work at Central Saint Martins school of art (group)
  • 2004 Degree show. Central Saint Martins school of art (group)
  • 2005 "the sadness of the flightless bird" Nancy Victor Gallery, London (solo)
  • 2005 Abbey Arts Centre, summer show, (group)
  • 2005 Candid Arts. Angel Islington. (group)
  • 2005 "ATLAS" exhibition at The Foundry, London (solo)
  • 2006 "betrayed by the senses", submit2gravity Oxo tower warf. (group)
  • 2006 PIMP-world cup football shirt design exhibition. Cargo(group)
  • 2006 Summer Show @ The Abbey Art Centre. North London (group)
  • 2006 "works on paper" @ The Hagan Saint Philip Gallery. Bronx NYC. (group)
  • 2006 "MULTIPLE CHOICE" @ The Nancy Victor Gallery W1 LON (Solo)
  • 2006 summer show at the A+D Gallery. 51 Chiltern Street, London W1 (group)
  • 2006 Abbey Arts Centre, summer show, (group)
  • 2006 "Halfway House".12 rooms of art 15 artists 3 days. aug 18th-20th. Clapham (group)
  • 2006 NOMIART, group show, gallery launch. Leamington spa, warwickshire
  • 2006 "DUST" solo show at Hoxton Works, east london.
  • 2006 Abbey Arts Centre group show.


  • 2004 "Book for Tom Waits". with Robin Footitt, Ahira, Hannah
    Dansie, Tom Smith and David Khan. ('Table" group)
  • 2004 "resting on the city walls" self published
  • 2005 "Layers". book of print with Robin Footitt.
  • 2005 "The sadness of the flightless bird" self published.
  • 2005 "INCIDENTALS" a small book of black and white.
  • 2006 "this way up" self published book of blue.


  • 2005 Art and Bookmaking project with Badsworth Primary school,
  • 2006 "The Book Project" -Launch, hollypark school, North London
  • 2005 collaboration with James Hutchinson, Cello salon/gallery,
  • 2005 Contribution to 'TANGENT' Art Zine.
  • 2005 "colour me in" drawing project with Badsworth Primary school,
  • 2005 collaboration with Jai Hill, Poet. for 'ATLAS' exhibition.
  • 2005-2006 Art direction for social theatre project, Costa Rica
  • 2006 subject for Mr. Halck (photographer) photos. headless in studio.
  • 2006 Bookmaking project. "The Book Project" summer. Ongoing.
  • 2006."this way up" words channelled through Mr. Hocker


  • 2002 "Brave New World" set design for Chicken Shed Theatre Co.
  • 2003 "Insect Play" set design for Chicken Shed Theatre Co.
  • 2003 'Life Distilled' paintings for Sekare salon- Laughton, London
  • 2003-2004 selected paintings for Pizza Express, High Barnet
  • 2005 Graphic design commision 'World Disaster Help' charity
  • 2005 Graphic Design commision for The Doris Partnership.
  • 2005 Selected paintings 'AMORE', Restaurant/Gallery, London
  • 2006 Graphic design for abbey arts summer show.
  • 2006 Hand bound books for Marc Gardner photographer.
  • 2006 x2 free style, for the British Council. Navig8.
  • 2006 Charity Auction. Hilton Olympia.


  • 2004 Marmalade Magazine.
  • 2005 LODOWN 'INCIDENTALS' -book review.
  • 2006 ZEKE'S online gallery.
  • 2006 NYARTS magazine.
  • 2006 wotartist
  • 2006 pimp online. PIMP magazine.
  • 2006 ARKITIP . issue 35.
  • 2006 TIMEOUT. No.1876