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Siemens Sanat starts 2008 with an "imprecise" exhibition

"Imprecise Status", the first exhibition of the new year at Siemens Sanat, meets artlovers during 8 January ¢€" 22 February. Under the curatorship of T. Melih Görgün and Mürteza Fidan, art works created by three artists from Turkey and England using different forms of illustration are exhibited at "Imprecise Status".

As can be understood from its name "imprecise", meaning it cannot be described precisely, the artists of the exhibition are not only concerned about performing illustration but also present different methods of illustration through their artworks, such as videos, wall illustrations, drawings and book illustration.

The curators of the Imprecise Status describe illustration as the description of virtual events in everyday life or the words' coming into existence in exposition and say that "illustration captures the contemporary events through unfolding swift and simple relation forms of communication. The narrative forms going back and forth between motion and tranquility establish contacts with the spectators in their usual known format while convincing us of the existence of a different order behind the prevailing one."

David Shillinglaw, Aksel Zeydan Göz and Erkut Terliksiz have used different illustration forms in their work exhibited at "Imprecise Status". The artists strive to establish contact with the expression instrument of the contemporary while avoiding the mere concern of making a coherent illustration or making the target object visible.

The artworks of Erkut Terliksiz who has made a name for himself with his design work and illustrations not only in Turkey but also abroad is among the pieces of art exhibited at the "Imprecise Status".

With his innovative approach, Erkut Terliksiz has an important place in contemporary art. At the "Imprecise Status", he establishes an intensified contact with the visitors via his own expression through his illustrations which supposedly display all aspects of the very moment and create a new casual environment.


The British artist David Shillinglaw who uses very simple materials and basic techniques in his successfull illustrations has underlined in his memoire exhibited at the "Imprecise Status" an environment that does not bear concern for the exact definition of oneself rather than a smooth approach to subjective book illustrations and wall illustrations.


Aksel Zeydan Göz, the prize winning director of the film "Simone" at the IFSAK 27th International Short Film and Documentary Competition uses video as an instrument to let us encounter the mobility of real time reality within its depth that is concurrent with the real time.


"Imprecise Status" exhibition can be visited between 8 January ¢€" 22 February 2008 each day of the week 10:00-19:00 at Siemens Sanat.

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