Siemens Sanat
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Siemens Sanat Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get to Siemens Sanat?

see our animated map.

Siemens Sanat Meclis-i Mebusan Road No:45
Fındıklı İstanbul
Tel: 0212 334 11 04
Faks: 0212 334 11 07

2. What is the entrance fee for the exhibition venue?

Admission to Siemens Sanat is free.

3. What are the opening hours?

Siemens Sanat is open to visit everyday from 10 AM to 7 PM.

4. What should I do to be able to participate in Siemens Sanat exhibitions as an artist?

Siemens Sanat has been supporting young artists since 2004; and artists who will exhibit in Siemens Sanat are determined by exhibition consultants and exhibition curators.If you want to participate in the exhibitions shown in the annual programme of Siemens Sanat, please kindly submit your artist's portfolio to our centre (find contact details below). Your portfolio will be handed over to our art consultants and will be evaluated while shaping exhibition programmes.

5. How can I learn the prices of art works that are exhibited in Siemens Sanat?

Siemens Sanat is a non profit organisation established to support young artists in Turkey, in accordance with Siemens's Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Yet, if you want to buy art works exhibited in Siemens Sanat, we will make sure that you get in touch with the artist.

6. Can I take photos and use video cameras inside the gallery?

You can takes photos without flash and can use your video camera again without using flash, but for professional shootings you need to have permission before hand.

7. Does the Siemens Sanat offer internships or traineeships?

At the present time Siemens Sanat does not offer internships or traineeships. Nevertheless, you can send your cv to Siemens Sanat authorities to be evaluated when needed.

8. I want to make an exhibition in Siemens Sanat, what should I do?

Siemens Sanat exhibitions are planned by its art consultants and Siemens authorities under the frame of annual programmes. However, you can still send your exhibition project file to Siemens Sanat. Your file will be appraised by our art consultants and will be evaluated while making the annual exhibition programme.

9. How can I find details of Siemens Sanat's forthcoming exhibitions?

If you'd like to be kept up to date with information you can write your email address in the space below.

10. Is the gallery accessible to those with special needs?

Siemens Sanat has two storeys, and offers an elevator and a wheeled chair.