Siemens Sanat
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About Siemens Sanat

Siemens Sanat is a contemporary art centre which was founded in January 16th, 2004 within the framework of Siemens's corporate social responsibility. From its opening up until 2007, Siemens Sanat which aims to bring together young faces in contemporary art with art-lovers, was a venue where contemporary art works of young artists were exhibited. During this period, group exhibitions took place with experimental and young artists works on a variety of subjects once every two months under the curatorship and consultancy of Marcus Graf.

Siemens Sanat, under the framework of the restructuring programme initiated in 2007, aims to pioneer variety in contemporary art by supporting the next term group exhibitions to be arranged in cooperation with different curators.

While Siemens Sanat aims to become an elite platform for young artists and to increase regular visitor numbers through exhibitions in the coming term, it will maintain its position as an indispensable centre for contemporary art with its workshops, competitions for young artists, guided tours and other activities in support of art. The annual activity program brings together artworks from different disciplines: paintings to sculpture, photograph to video and performance.

Siemens Sanat aims to create a platform for communication where different perspectives and ideas are shared by presenting works that include questions about contemporary art and daily life in addition to hypothesises, experiments and inquiries into these subjects.

Siemens Sanat is located in Fındıklı, a very convenient place to bring together businessmen, academics, students, art-lovers and artists. Siemens Sanat's art consultants are Prof. T. Melih Görgün from the Graphic Department, Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts and Assistant Prof. Mürteza Fidan from the Painting Department, Marmara University.