Siemens Sanat
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""Useful Contraventions"" in the Public Sphere at Siemens Sanat

"Useful Contraventions" in the Public Sphere at Siemens Sanat

Siemens Sanat, one of the most important centres of contemporary art in Turkey, meets with art lovers in an unprecedented exhibition starting in March. The exhibition "Useful Contraventions" meeting its audience between March 11th and April 26th will include the works of national and foreign contemporary artists with their creations using the public space in different forms.

Curated by T. Melih Gorgun and Murteza Fidan, "Useful Contraventions" consist of the works of Gordon Young from England as well as Atılkunst from Turkey and Urbaneer from Europe.

Urbaneer aims to reach multiple results by transforming the city into a play ground and analyzing its nature by different social sections. Atılkunst ironically assumes the role of social stimulant by deviating the current discourses over internet which is a different form of public space. Gordon Young, on the other hand, interprets the typography in his works by putting it into a conceptual relation with the environment.

Murteza Fidan, one of the curators of the exhibition, believes that art with social content, including collectivism in cooperation with many social fractions, improves the dialogue between representations that generated in different process based locations. This dialogue attempts to find different ways of imagining unknown social forms and their mentality. This is achieved by contravening the streamlining principles of the public space.

"Useful Contraventions" will be presented as a documentary exhibition and can be visited during the hours of 10:00-19:00 everyday at Siemens Sanat between 11th of March and April 26.

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