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Playgrounds ""An Exhibition on Graphic Designers' Experimental Works""

An Exhibition on Graphic Designers' Experimental Works

Experimental graphic design works of today are also a topic of contemporary art. Transdisciplinary production erases the boundaries between art and design. Dutch typeface designer Rene Knip refers to this situation as"my playground" while his Iranian colleague describes it as"mashq" (practice) and Israeli graphic designer Oded Ezer remarks as"amazing boundaries." German illustrator Thomas Müller goes on to explain this situation with these words:"The typefaces I"produce" for my clients evolve out of the typefaces I"create" for myself." As a result, some of the graphic designers define the process of creating experimental works as a spontaneously evolving theme that branches from the project at hand into an experimental one, while some other graphic designers situate their experimental production as a routine exercise that needs as serious consideration as their real projects.

Playgrounds exhibition is curated with a view that displays both how present-day designs, through new inventions, are appended to the visual cultural memory of the countries in which they were produced, and the transdisciplinary applications of these works in the various media of artistic tendencies such as installation, public art, street art, and environmental art. This exhibition contains a select number of experimental works from Grafist Archive that comprises works by worldly renown designers who have been invited throughout the years to Grafist: International Istanbul Graphic Design Week. The exhibition presents the transdisciplinary dimension in the works of Rene Knip from Netherlands, Touching Graphic Design Video Selection (this video work on the prominent graphic designers of Neitherlands presents Experimental Jetset, Maureen Mooren and Daniel van der Velden, LUST, Irma Boom, Stuart Bailey, Joop van Bennekom, Felix Janssens, Mevis and Van Deursen, Julia Born, Roma Publications, Will Holder, and Karel Martens), Alan Fletcher and Patrick Thomas from Britain, Henning Wagenbreth from Germany, and Oded Ezer from Israel. The exhibition introduce their suggestions on the use of new media in the discipline of graphic design that has transformed today into visual communication design, as well as on the discipline's visual reflection that interacts with artistic tendencies.

This exhibition is realized in collaboration with "Grafist: International İstanbul Graphic Design Week".

We thank to Werkplaats Typographie for their sharing of "Touching Graphic Design" project in this exhibiton.

Curator: Sinan Niyazioğlu
Advisory Curators: Mürteza Fidan, T. Melih Görgün

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