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Curating and Beyond: Alternative Approaches for Curating

Speakers: T. Melih Görgün, Işın Önol, Dorothee Richter
Moderator: Mürteza Fidan
Date: 21st October 2011, Friday
Time: 18:30
Venue: Siemens Sanat

Siemens Sanat invites Dorothee Richter to discuss about The Postgraduate Program in Curating as a discursive platform; T. Melih Görgün to discuss about the Sinopale, International Sinop Biennale as a model for nongovernmental organisation for local development and Işın Önol to discuss about the curatorial concept of the upcoming Sinop Biennale. The discussion aims to provide a space to discuss about different models of curatorial platforms and the possibilities they provide. The discussions will be moderated by Mürteza Fidan.

Sinopale, International Sinop Biennial is the title of an international project that, in the context of local development, draws the civil society together with the purpose of building dialogue through culture and arts, within the framework of the "artistic production based on sharing" model. This project is realized biennially and aims at working at urban, national and international levels in order to make citizens of all ages perceive anew their own living spaces with a vision for the future, reflect on urban problems, share the historical collective memory and organise it by means of artistic production, and to create a better social living space.

The Postgraduate Program in Curating (MAS/CAS) is a discursive platform designed to impart specialist knowledge of contemporary curating practices through practice-oriented projects. Curating means the creation of innovative structures for the presentation of cultural artefacts through interdisciplinary collaboration. In this field, art, digital media, design, and architecture relate in new ways to one another. The last few years have seen curators working in increasingly close collaboration with artists, architects, designers, and educationalists on the development of exhibitions, projects in the public sphere, the design of museum spaces, and the presentation of collections. Contemporary exhibitions are changing, with new interpretative strategies complementing the integration into exhibitions of innovative display structures, lounge areas, archives, reading rooms, and new media interfaces.

We are witnessing a shift in the organisation of work processes throughout society. Within this shift, individual areas of action are coming together in new meta-levels, such as networks and know-how transfer. The Postgraduate Programme in Curating responds to these changes in the processes of the production of cultural meaning. It aims to address the significant changes affecting cultural production. It seeks to provide a model situation for course participants to gain practical curating experience, and to critically reflect on the issues involved.

Wisdom of Shadows is the title for the upcoming Sinop Biennale. It functions as a continuation to the three previous Sinopale editions, and is concerned about the idea of truth, its distribution through the variety of media and its effects on the local life in relation to the concept of sustainability. The artists are expected to work with city residents, creating awareness for the future of the city questioning human ambition to producing and consuming more, rather than reducing the needs and building up modesty. The exhibition is aimed to function as homage to Diogenes of Sinope, who did not only defend the importance of simplicity in life but also practiced it in his daily living sincerely.

There will be Turkish - English simultaneous translation.
The number of participants is limited to 50.

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