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7th exhibition by 'Borders Orbits' in the fourth year

Siemens Sanat has been bringing together the young talents of the contemporary art and the art lovers through 'Borders Orbits' for four years

7th exhibition by 'Borders Orbits' in the fourth year

The "Borders Orbits" competition organized by Siemens Sanat for four years to support the young art and to create a platform for contemporary art enables young talents to express themselves freely. The Borders Orbits 07 exhibition including the first part of the successful works of the "Borders Orbits 07-08" competition of this year will meet the art lovers at Siemens Sanat between May 5th and June 11th, 2010.

As a result of the meticulous assessment by the jury including Canan Beykal, Murteza Fidan, T. Melih Gorgun, Gulcin Ozdemir and Emre Zeytinoğlu, the young talents whose works are chosen for the Borders Orbits 07 exhibition include Ebubekir Aydın, Ozge Ertanin, Erol Eskici, Basak Mangor, Tuba Merdese, Yagiz Ozgen, Basak Leman Umut, Ebru Ceren Uzun and Faruk Yigen.

Nine young artists push the limits of creativity with their works

Ebubekir Aydın shows the parallelism of daily life with the space-time position of representational forms of expressions of human emotion through manifestation of movement.

Ozge Ertanin attracts attention to erosion and deterioration caused by the migration into metropolitans. Her video questions whether immigrants are assimilated or whether they bring their culture with them into the city.

The paintings of Erol Ekici attempt to reenact the phenomenal images found in a dangerous place exposed to the misleading nature of aesthetics and reality on a canvas.

Basak Mangor films her subjects secretly and peeps into their lives to put them in a dangerous place. After a while, this dangerous situation turns the neurologic position of the spectator into a threat against the viewer.

Tuba Merdese's installation that is built with constructive methods, depicts the relationship between units-modules-systems. The 'power' references in the text confirm the monumental aspect of the installation.

Yagiz Ozgen turns the indicator of speed into the indicator of slowness in his video, to force the viewer out of the depth of the main theme. On the other hand, the viewer faces a distant and cold attitude in the photography and sneaks into the interim area to conduct the real experience of space-time that layers in the realm of the virtual reality.

Başak Leman Umut's plan time schedule suggests female quests and reflects the passive longing of waiting.

Ebru Ceren Uzun's photo-assemblies display objects and representations from everyday life. A third kind is developed, where reality-representations are combined and mixed together.

Faruk Yigen structures the canvas surface with double-value (opposing poles) images. The subject left in between and that is ambiguous to both sides, helps to force both facets.

The works in the exhibitions are the forecasts of the new modern forms that oppose the 'singularity' created by the rules of modernity and the 'single-type character' created by globalization.

With kind supports of Garanti Bank, Intercity, Osram, Ran-Trans, Madebycat and Siemens Home Appliances, "Borders Orbits 07" exhibition is open to visit everyday from 10 AM to 7 PM at Siemens Sanat between May 5th and June 11th, 2010.

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