Siemens Sanat
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The Great Emptiness

In the absence of man, its presence is always perceptible In the concrete shelter of today's life, free space is limited. The living form of our existence is the crowd. In the countries of plenty, the image of freedom became a cowboy in a commercial, sitting alone next to a fire place; just an empty shell¢€¦
In a city like Istanbul, emptiness is urgently needed. Though, at the same time, we fear its silence of the moment, because we are not used to being alone anymore. A new loneliness has occurred, in which one is lonely without being alone. In the coldness of this void, the only warmth you get is the feeling of your own skin. This is the coldest emptiness...
I believe, in the world's visual overflow, art takes on a special responsibility. Today, artists have to reconsider the power of images, and maybe, instead of creating new works, they should rather erase pictures. Art has to clean the world from images that make us passively receive instead of actively participate.
In the Great Emptiness, six artists react to the crowd of Istanbul and its' visual overflow by dealing with emptiness in installations, paintings, drawings, photos and video. In general, the artists use emptiness as a strategy to answer visual impact of the city. Some will give the spectator the chance to create their own images, others will show empty spots in our life and some artists will deal with emptiness on a meta-level to describe the state of living today.
The Great Emptiness is an exhibition, in which art creates a void, which has to be filled by the imagination of the spectator. A trip into the blind spot of the eye leads him to the place in which images of life are created by nobody else but himself. Welcome to your own visual experience...

Those who are presented with a range of alternatives (bigger, newer, more, cheaper) multiply and grow. In this mass, an individual cannot be aware of himself, of time, or of place and cannot distinguish things from one another. Those who are accepted in time grow identical, indistinct.

Mixed Exhibitions

2005 Diğerlerinin Şansı - K2 Sanat Merkezi, K2 Galeri İzmir
2004 Sergi, Türk - Amerikan Derneği İzmir
2004 Mekanını Terkeden Çıplak,K2 Sanat Merkezi Çatı Katı İzmir
2004 Yeni Öneriler Yeni Önermeler XII, Borusan Sanat Galerisi İstanbul
2003 Kendisi : 1 Nesne Olarak Resim 1 Resim Olarak Nesne,
Kutuv. 1 "Taşınabilir Sanat Mekanı" DEÜ GSF Resim Bölümü İzmir
2002 DEÜ GSF Resim Bölümü Öğrenci Sergisi, Özel İzmir Türk Koleji
2002 Bahattin Tatış Resim Yarışması Sergisi, Özel İzmir Türk Koleji


2005 Turgut Pura Vakfı Resim Heykel Yarışması, İzmir Devlet Resim ve
Heykel Müzesi Ödülü

Graduated (Undergraduated) Schools

2000-2004 Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi Resim Bölümü