Siemens Sanat
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Education : BA: Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts â€" Sculpture

MBA: Preparation of MBA project is ongoing in the same

Project Title : "Details and Labels in the Archeological Museum "
Type : Catalogue Exhibition
Duration : March - June 2006
Place : Istanbul
Subject: The ironical relationship between the sculptures exhibited at Istanbul Archeological Museum and their labels.

Project Name : "Kısa Oyun"
Type : Notebook Project
Duration : One year
Start of Project : April â€" 2006
Completion of Project : April â€" 2007

Content : The project was initiated with the distribution of twenty note-books amongst different sections of society. This serves to encourage the people receiving the note-books to express their feelings, thoughts and impressions in relation to the "Short Play" on the first page of the notebook as they see fit. The circulation of the books will be achieved when these people, having completed their own comments, hand on the note-books to other people of their choice. The circulation is expected to take a one-year period. At the end of this period the books will be forwarded to the artist's address, and upon commission of this final step, the project will have been completed.
Mixed Exhibitions:

2007- "Steps and Fingerprints" â€"Tanz Tangente- Berlin
( Video: "City Inhabitants I-II-III" )

2006 - "One Minute İzmir" - K2 Contemporary Arts Center - İzmir
( Video: "City Inhabitants II" )

2006 - "Exhibition of Peace" - DMS Art Gallery - Istanbul
( Desen: "İsimsiz" )

2005 - "Cihangir Festival" - AçıKalan/ Art in Cihangir Public Area /TUTA - Istanbul
( Video : "M Line" )

2002 - "Chaos 2" - Karg-Art Art Gallery - Istanbul
( Sketch: "Anonymous" )

2000 - "2. International Student Triennial " - Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts - Istanbul
( Photo Performance: "Purification" )

2000 - "2. International Student Triennial" - Toprakbank Art Gallery - Istanbul
( Sculpture: "Anonymous" )

1999 - "Youth Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture â€" Towards 2000" - AKM â€" Istanbul
( Sculpture: "Vibrations" )