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Competition: "Borders Orbits"

The value of a work is influenced by the orbit that the work defines within the cultural scene. Forms build a system among indicators and images by connecting them. Art should be involved with the reality itself but should not attempt to question any concepts related to it. Art always transforms the reality into a facade, a representation or a structure. Moreover, it raises questions on the motivation behind this structure.

"Borders Orbits" Competition is organized by Siemens Sanat to support young arts and artists. The 15th and 16th editions of "Borders Orbits" exhibitions will follow the competition showing the works of the selected artists.


1) The competition is open to students studying in Turkey (undergraduate, graduate, post graduate). The field of study is not specified. Applications will be evaluated by a Selection Board.

2) Three finalists will win a prize of 2000Euro each.

Requirements and Conditions for Application

1) Applicants can apply with their individual or collective Works

2) Applicants are free to choose any subject

3) Only online applications are is accepted

4) Applicants are free to propose works produced with any technique, content or material.

5) Proposed Works are to be Works produced not longer than 3 years ago.

6) Beside a proposed work produced recently, applicants are to submit a portfolio including their older Works. It should be indicated in the portfolio, if the Works are exhibited before and where they are exhibited.

7) Applicants are to submit an uptodate student certificate obtained from the university they are studying.

8) Informations on the Project are to be presented digitally in a CD/DVD and printed on an A4 paper. The originals of the Works are not to be submitted. Only copies will be accepted. The folders are to be prepared in line with the sample folder which will be sent as an attachment to the confirmation email upon the application submission.

9) If the proposed Works require a special setting/installation/production, side view and top view drawings and photos are to be submitted including all necessary information such as weight, dimensions, necessary tools and equipment to be used.

10) The sound files are to be in .mov, .mpeg, mp3 and mp4 formats.

11) The applicants are to considered to have accepted the conditions in the specifications.


1) The applicants are to submit an online application form in the web address and submit their Project proposals and portfolios to the Coordination Office not later than 30 April 2014, 17:00 Istanbul time. Delayed submissions will not be accepted.

Coordination Office

Chameleon Design and Project Management

Mazhar Osman Sokak, Özmutlu Apartmanı, No:4/7 Feneryolu, 34724 Kadıköy / İstanbul


2) The application number which will be given during the online application should be written clearly onto the Project folder.

3) The applicants will be informed about the decisions of the Selection Board and the exhibition after the evaluation process.

4) Siemens Sanat preserves the rights to exhibit the selected Works in other venues in Turkey and abroad.

5) Siemens Sanat preserves the rights to use the visuals of the works without any payment to the artist for the purpose of promoting the event in different communication media and for the purpose of producing publications.


T. Melih Görgün (curator, artist), Mürteza Fidan (curator, artist), Nezaket Ekici (artist),
Daniel Morgenthaler (Curator, Helmhaus Zürih), Gülsen Bal (Curator, Open Systems Forum, Viyana)

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