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Border Orbits 14

We are proud to hold the 13th and the 14th exhibitions of the Siemens Art "Borders Orbits" competition that is a significant platform at which young representatives of contemporary art can express themselves. Within the intricate conditions of today's world, primarily determined by globalism, the young artists, who participate to these exhibitions, take a chance to represent their creative strategies: Against the standardization of the global culture of consumption and the obsessive traditionalism, they make us feel the spirit of time (zeitgeist) by way of their works.

Light as the source of seeing is blinding by itself. Darkness, on the other hand, is the sleeping face of images... Single-handedly, one repeals seeing and the other one cancels the image. Elif Köse chases images in dawn just because images appear in shadow.

Alpin Arda Bağcık grounds the socio-political environment of our time on a pyschopathological context. He drives the audience to an ambivalence by representing the dual appearances of the human being as a biopolitical entity.

The critique of socio-cultural and political mechanisms of our district in the context of recent history and actual politics forms the content of Baran Çağınlı's installations.

The installation of Burak Kabadayı, which is created by relative fiction, asks for a multicenter view by deconstructing time and space images of natural and urban life into pieces.

Evren Selçuk transforms ready-made objects into works of art by keeping the functional relations between persons and the daily life objects as they are.

Works of Mükerrem Baki subjects the displacement of social taboos by disrooting, transforming, and reorganizing the images collected from the mass media.

How can repressed genders express themselves? By his works, Özer Toraman problematizes the strategies for positioning this aggrieved subjects in the public space.

Though Gülşah Bayraktar's works appear as paintings in the first place, these paintings, or the paintings of photos, addresses a dual representation by reflecting photograph's basic fixation and painting's omnispread at the same time.

The political actors, who used to condition our social reality, are being replaced by invisible financial agents of the transnational econonmic life. In this context, Egemen Tuncer associates his work with the following problematic: Who does socially represent those of us that are passive?

The main theme of Ilgın Özer's works is the relationship between social gender and power: She exposes the viewer with the hypocrite dual appearance of people against power and people becoming power.

Borders Orbits 13-14 exhibitions, consisting of works that are formed by diversity rather than alternatives, present us a conceptual, performative, and multiple art formation, which is primarily shaped by differences and the dual view of hybridity rather than supplementary oppositions.