Siemens Sanat
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Border Orbits 13

We are proud to hold the 13th and the 14th exhibitions of Siemens Sanat "Borders Orbits" competition that is a significant platform at which young representatives of contemporary art can express themselves. Within the intricate conditions of today's world, primarily determined by globalism, the young artists, who participate to these exhibitions, take a chance to represent their creative strategies: Against the standardization of the global culture of consumption and the obsessive traditionalism, they make us feel the spirit of time (zeitgeist) by way of their works.

The relationship between human beings and technology also determines the biography of the contemporary individual: In the domain, where Aras Seddigh's life stories take place there is no time and space yet a moment and a place that is between the reality and fiction...

The images of Senem Turgut's peintures are half dead - or they are in a space between life and death... They are sleepers, who are watched and recorded involuntarily.

With the residual of the authentic information after the losses occurred during circulation and the incompleteness of the difference between the original state and the final state of the established interaction, Sevgi Aka's works expose us with the following question: "How much can we understand each other?"

Sibel Kocakaya presents a fantastic image of the search for the self of the psychological, social, and political body, of which subject and object are obliged to be re-constructed by each new condition in today's world. Günışığı Cihangir, who developed a mechanism giving a dual perception by infiltrating sound and image into each other, leaves the interactive creative process to the audience. This way, he positions the audience as the performative primary component of the work of art.

Burçin Ünal shifts the perception from the reality of the optical space to the indispensability of touch: Her installations drive the audience from instigatorship of the appealing charm of the image to the agency of the touch. Serpil Aslan's works inquire the rigid condition of constituents, which are formed in the unity of time, free from dismantling of past, present, and future.

Using both occlusive and leachier materials for the supporting surfaces of the images, Ahu Akkan conceptualizes a mechanism that is identical with the human (female) body: This mechanism, which is fabricated from tul grek, represents the condition of the body while revealing sustaining traumas that are being exposed to. Tansu Akmansoy travels beyond the world of senses and focuses on the consciousness of the absolute being, the elementary relationship between items, and the energy state of matter.

Borders Orbits 13-14 exhibitions, consisting of works that are formed by diversity rather than alternatives, present us a conceptual, performative, and multiple art formation, which is primarily shaped by differences and the dual view of hybridity rather than supplementary oppositions.