Siemens Sanat
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2000– 2005
Department of Intermedia, Hungarian Academy of Fine Art in Budapest, Hungary
Vasulka Media Workshop, Steina and Woody Vasulka (Santa Fe – USA)
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Austria
Life Art: Use of new Media technologies in Performances workshop - Blast Theory, London
The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University in collaboration with Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Art
Public Interventions course - Alfredo Jaar, New York, USA
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Austria
Selected Solo Exhibitions
''5x5'', public project, Regensburg, Germany
''Free Movement'', public project of SEE:SIDES with Annette Loy, Galerie in Alcatraz,
Hallein, Salzburg, Austria
''OpenGalerie'', public intervention, social and communication project with Annette Loy, Castle Park, Dolni Pocernice, Prague, Czech Republic
''Human in Violance H.I.V.'', public intervention and communication project, Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary
''56 Reagent'', public intervention project, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, streets of Budapest, Hungary
''R. is Tricycling at Sinop'', one week performance – 1st. International Sinopale Biennial, Sinop, Turkey
''R. is Tricycling at Sziget'', one week performance – Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary
''Intermedial obj. #281'', environment, MKE, Budapest, Hungary
''Intermedial obj. #1'', one day performance, Radio Tilos, Kultiplex, Budapest, Hungary
''Privet Channel'', site-specific video-installation, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
''Flux Project'', Markartsteg, Salzburg, Austria
Selected Group Exhibitions 2010 ''Érintettség/Be concerned'', Cowparade 2010, Rome, Italy 2009 "Discoveries & Inventions", White Club Space#4, Salzburg, Austria ''Habitants of Melon Land'', Irókéz Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary ''Young Contemporary Statements'', Pécs, Hungary ''DOGMA'', Zagreb, Croatia ''Parcours II - Symmetries of Transitions", Hallein, Austria 2008 ''Parcours I'', Hallein, Austria 2007 ''Érintettség/Be concerned'', Preparate cow – Cowparade 2007, Budapest, Hungary ''In Action!'', text based project, sparwasser hq c/o trafó galleria, Budapest, Hungary 2004 ''Snub-Carvers'', installation, Technical University, Budapest ''Paradise'', interactive tourist guide to the paradise, Bunker, Alexander Platz, Berlin, Germany ''Can you image/ine?'', interactive installation, Alte Salein, Hallein, Austria 2003 "Zeitgeist", exhibition of the Timisoara Studentfest- Memorial Revolutiei Museum, Student Center – Timisoara, Romania ''Csapó -The new members of the Studio of Young Artists Association'', Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary "Language of the Colours", freestyle visual analysis / I., computer installation