Siemens Sanat
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Born in Copparo, 1963 (Ferrara-Italy) lives and works in Milano, Italy and in Pontresina, Switzerland.

Letizia Cariello works with different media, such as photography, drawing, embroidery, sculpture and installation. The presence of written or embroidered numbers recurs throughout all her work. These numbers are calendars - to remember dates, maybe the birthdays of dear ones? - or lists of things to do, maybe shopping. But the mysterious poignancy of these lists also comes from their mysterious order. You cannot tell what their meaning is, the series of numbers run before your eyes as the recital of a magic spell: Unintelligible, but powerful, and intimidating. For the show, works on photography, small sculptures and installation have been selected. Small scenes start from everyday data and situations and take on an allegorical significance. Two small porcelain jugs are linked by the handles with some thread. Kept together as if in fear of their being separated, and lost to each other forever. The same scene, larger, greets the visitors at the beginning of the show: It is a large format photograph. Further in the upstairs room the visitor will be surprised to see the real objects of the photo, so small in comparison. An almost baroque surprise effect.

Selected Solo Shows
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Arte sul territorio / Cubo di Alberto Garutti, "My Sister is Always With Me", cibachrome, 120 x 90 cm
"Pull-up-the-pool", Galleria Continua, San Gimignano / Beijing
"il cielo stellato sopra di me". Permanent installation, San Gimignano, Rocca di Montestaffoli (Siena)

"A cena con Timeo" Parole Gesti Sguardi. Attraversando il lavoro delle donne, Mercato del Carmine, Lucca. Curated by Ilaria Mariotti, under the patronage of The Department for Work and Pensions

Selected Group Shows
(Self)portrait of a Lady'', Galleria Riccardo Crespi, Milano cat. Text by Caroline Corbetta
On show works by: Louise Bourgeois, Rossana Buremi, Letizia Cariello, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Carol Rama, Maddalena Sisto, Veronica Smirnoff

"The Bearable Lightness of Being - The Metaphor of The Space", curated by Lorand Hegyi and Davide di Maggio as event of the11th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia
"Modern Love: gifts to the Collection from Heather and Tony Podesta" National Museum of the Women in the Arts, Washinghton D.C
"Experimenta - Collezione Farnesina" Foreign Office Ministry, Roma
"The Dawn of Tomorrow - seven artists form the Italian private collections" curated by Vittorio Urbani / catalogue critical text by Vittorio Urbani with: Paolo Chiasera, Cuoghi Corsello, Flavio Favelli, Francesco Jodice, Adrian Paci, Antonio Riello, Vedovamazzei, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul