Siemens Sanat
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Burdur Cumhuriyet Highschool
S.Demirel University Faculty of Fine Arts (bachelor)
Marmara University;Faculty of Fine Arts (masters)


The principal concept underlying the philosophical atmosphere of my works and that triggers me to create, is the question of how "I" can preserve my individuality and avoid the problem of (non)existence in an environment that has been made increasingly more comfortable by technology, and art itself proposes more and more alternatives, while living within a society which has a greater number of individuals who feel alone.The conceptual basis of these works come from the aim of referring to the individual's inner conflict, the anxiety arising from the chaotic surroundings, the neurosis caused by the loss of identity; the loneliness of the urban resident and the lack of communication behind it, the trauma caused by the social phenomena, punishments and global concerns.