Siemens Sanat
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"...In my artworks, I am questioning the 'constructed' ways of seeing; constructed by tradition, by iconic works of art history, by education... Since I am looking for a different way of seeing, a different mean of representation is needed. This necessitates that my work has to be related to art history. I am utilizing techniques like; appropriation, copying, eclectism etc. which will paradoxically lead me to invention..."

Education :
Zübeyde Hanım High School, Bolu, Turkey
Hacettepe University Turkish Literature Department / Bilkent University Fine Arts Department, Ankara, Turkey (BA)
Bilkent University Graphic Design Department, Ankara, Turkey / Eastern Illinois University Sculpture Department, Charleston, Illinois, USA (MFA)
Hacettepe University Sculpture Department, Ankara,Turkey (Ph.D)