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Founded in 2006 by Ian Field and Astrid Kirchner, Urbaneer is a creative hub that facilitates creative urban engagement and exploration. It has grown out of a Project called "Living in a Tubemap" which encourages Londoners to be tourists in London ¢€" the creative output of which is an online photographic map of London, as well as an exhibition.

Director and co-founder Field has a masters degree in Sport History and Culture. His Masters dissertation focused on the evolution of creative leisure activities within the urban environment and their relationship with space and place, subcultural composition, the cultural construction of identity, economic structures and political meaning. He currently works in London in the marketing communications industry.

Originally from Austria, director and co-founder Astrid Kirchner has been in London for 7 years. Her fist Masters degree is in "Environmental Sciences and Geography" and she was awarded a scholarship to spend two years in US as part of her degree. She recently finished her Masters in Business Administration, specialising in Creativity, Innovation and Change. She also currently lives and Works in London.