Siemens Sanat
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Even though the feeling of being watched is scary and tense, unless there is an exhibitionist plesure; witnessing other people's lives secretly and experiencing their lives from an external view can be exciting. We wonder, we stop and look at what is going on. We stop our life for a moment to be able to look at it.


2007 Marmara University fine Art faculty Painting Department


2008-"sometime-Somewhere" Daire Art Gallery,Istanbul
2008-"Art is My Playground", Küçük Çiftlik Eğlence Parkı, İstanbul
2008-"Manifatura@5533", 5533,İMÇ/Unkapanı, İstanbul
2007-"10th International İstanbul Bienalle,Nightcommers" , Istanbul
2007-" RHMD The 26th Contemporary Artist İstanbul Exhibition",Aksanat,İstanbul