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Tribute to Handke

"Dating from 1987 and considered as the pioneer of postmodern cinema, the film 'Der Himmel Über Berlin' begins with the poem "Lied Vom Kindsein" (Song of Being a Child) by Peter Handke, whom the director Wim Wenders has worked with in many of his films.

The feeling of void we, as the reader, share with Handke is so intimately personal yet at the same time can be so easily empathized with that it perfectly describes the solitude of today's metropolitan beings.

In 'Himmel Über Berlin' Handke's poem is rewritten, moreover the monumentality of the image points to a structure that works through the means of the act of writing. During this reproduction phase, due to the cinematographic elements such as the moving image and the sound, the effect of the text multiplies in manifolds.

Now it is time to rewrite Lied Vom Kindsein, as if they were our own words ..."

The installation called "The Waiting Room" is composed of the video of a man who can not remember his memories; his past and sins in a room with a typewriter, a desk, and a flag.

Can an idividual facing his past, mean a community or a nation facing its past? Can a person reconstruct his personal history?

What are the odds of the "waiting man" to break loose from the ghosts of the past and to resist his own nature while "waiting" here and now becomes the action itself?

"Thanks to the character 'Mr. Blank' by the American writer Paul Auster¢€¦"

The Waiting Room, 2008


2007- Research Asistant in the Department of Basic Design at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts
Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Doctorate Program
2002-2004 Assistant at Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communication by the department of VCD (Visual Communication Design) and FTV (Film and Tv)
2004 Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Master Program
1997 - 2001 Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting
1997 Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School

Personal Exhibitions

2007- "Tribute to Handke" / Masa /İstanbul / Turkey
2007- 'Red Room and Red Room: Sequences' / K2 Contemporary Art Center / İzmir / Turkey
2007- "Kırmızı Oda: Sekanslar / Hikayenin Sonu" / Lucca / İstanbul / Turkey
2006- 'Red Room: Sequences' / Lucca Art / İstanbul / Turkey
2001- 'Memory Boxes-1' / Atatürk Library / İstanbul / Turkey

Group Exhibitions

2007- "Videoist 2", İstanbul Modern, İstanbul, Turkey
2007- "Sanat Akmerkez'de-5", İstanbul, Turkey
2007- 'Nuit Blanche' / Gallery Almelek / İstanbul / Turkey
2007- Athens Video Festival / Athens / Greece
2006- 'Ambivalance' (Performance, Concept by Mürteza Fidan) / M.U.F.F.A. - İstanbul / Turkey