Siemens Sanat
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4th MARCH - 25th APRIL 2008


What happens if the "object-body" that forms the image uses the taught culture while making the presentation of all that is temporary during a process? Would the difference of the origin include the difference of what has been presented?

The conditions of "use of the body" have a place among traditional culture, and this takes shape as a natural process in Eastern culture. But as the West "categorizes" and reshapes things according to a "power criteria", only in the 20th century, did "use of the body" become a singular art production form based on the body. And so it became one of the legal doctrines of Western art.

This narrative structure is in a process of leaving the symbolic forms behind and making the "image" visible. And it begins to define itself with intimacy, culture, ideology, pleasure, exposure, invisible representation, abolition of the system, manipulation and violence. The body and its production are the main issues.

The restlessness created by the use of this body based aesthetic attitude sometimes transforms into the 'image' during a movement act that has a wonderfully balanced dose of violence. It makes the presentation of a normal attitude under the influence of an agent in the new environment it created. And sometimes, under an ambiguous mediocrity, it creates extremely political developments. We can look through problems about state of belonging, perception, and forcing to perceive.

Monali Meher, Nezaket Ekici and Jelena Vasiliev aim to "give back" the forms of expression they took as a deposit from their own origins, and they do this within the official structure of the other culture they live inside.

While putting the aesthetic attitude of body oriented work out in the open "Discomfort at the Performance" evaluates all relational forms and expresses an attitude with all emotions at the forefront.

The exhibition consists of videos of earlier performances of the artists and it has a documentary content because it is based on determining the moment. The image leaves the body and embraces a new possessing action in the moving image medium.