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''Ambivalance Video''

The beginning and the end of everything is the bipolar situation of chaos and apocalypse. This hesitant state of affairs, existing per se in the same body without having a cause and effect relationship, involves both a contradiction and integration.

Within a physical space, a human being is himself, and simultaneously against himself; is innocent for not being what he is, and on the other hand, stands guilty for what he is. On the basis of those various engagements of dialectics, qualitative coherence stays silent and delirium is formed from those tacit fragmentations of human beings.

This morbid humane reality is in direct contradiction with the moral and social reality of mankind. The bipolar morbid human reality only exists in the original reality of the artwork.

In Foucault's terms, "dangers of the patheticalness of curse are inverted and symmetric dangers of psychoanalysis": a work of art opens up an empty space, a time for silence, an unanswered question thanks to the mental disorders that interrupts itself; and thus activates an uncompromising fragmentation in which the world is forced to question itself.

Artwork always pushes these pathetic dilemmas to their own limits, to where the work exists but the insanity does not; but those pathetic dilemmas are contemporary with the work of art; because they start the time of artwork's reality.

The disintegrated whole eventuated by the opposite poles in the original reality of the artwork folding over each other - the responsibility of the hesitant consistency of the signs both inside and outside the visual area within the video's instrumental reality of the space of the artwork - is left to the audience.

Mürteza Fidan